Channel Rules

#teens is an English speaking channel. Speaking languages other than English will result in a warning, and continually breaking this rule will result in a ban.

Racism will not be tolerated. This includes statements which are anti-arab, anti-semetic, anti-western, etc. Attempting to claim 'differences of culture' in order to attempt to make another person look racist, or to excuse racist comments is also frowned upon. The only exception is if the comments made are in the context of a discussion or debate which removes their meaning as racist (e.g. political discussion on immigration) and even then if the comments are intended as racist you will be banned for it. It's up to each ops discretions to discern bannable levels of racism, although be assured that outwardly racist comments will always result in muting or removal from the channel.

Anti-religious comments will not be tolerated. This is not restricted to a single religion, anti-christian remarks and abuses are equal to anti-islamic ones. Attempting to claim 'differences of religions/beliefs' to try and make persons look anti-religious will not be appreciated either. The only exception to this is if the comments are in the context of a discussion or debate which removes their meaning as anti-religious or offensive to religious users. If the comments are intended as a personal attack on user religious beliefs they will be muted or removed from the channel. A certain amount of discretion is allowed to ops in determining what is considered anti-religious and what is okay in the context of a debate.

Sex chat, sexual comments, offers of cam shows, links to pornography or sharing of pornographic images or anything else of a sexual nature deemed unsuitable for children is not allowed. Anyone found to be messaging users for these reasons, or discussing sexual topics in the main channel will be removed.

Unprovoked and/or continual, profane abuse of users will not be tolerated. Op discretion is allowed with this. e.g. If a user is being inappropriate or moronic in some way and receives abusive messages for it, the abusers may be allowed to stay.

Trolling in some circumstances may result in a ban if it's considered to be disrupting the channel to a severe degree (by way of insults or inappropriate comments causing annoyance) or where users are being continually abused. It's up-to each op’s discretion as to what is bannable in terms of this. So long as you are not insulting anyone or being inappropriate you should be fine.

Older men/women looking for young girls/boys will be banned. We do allow older users in the channel but if they are found to be looking specifically for young children they will be promptly removed. Any older users found to be sending pornographic images to children may be permanently banned.

Advertising, inviting, ad bots, spam bots etc are not allowed. This includes onjoin messages to users, regular users inviting other regular users to private channels, asking users to op in other channels, etc. No advertising or inviting is allowed under any circumstance. Talking about matters which are from other channels may also be frowned upon/bannable.

Flooding the channel or continually repeating the same lines over and over is not allowed. If you've said it once, there's no need to be saying it again, we heard you all the first time. This includes saying '22, m, aus, care to chat' and similar personal adveritsments several times in a short period of time.

Users are not permitted to be in both #teens and 'banned channels'. These are channels which are found to be advertising a lot in #teens as well as sex channels. Sometimes users may be banned if they're found to be hopping back and forth between such channels and #teens.

Be respectful, if you continuously act like a moron it might not be well received or you may even be banned for it.

These are not just the only factors involved for becoming an OP but the following mentioned factors are rudiments.

  • You have been in top10 in stats page

  • You have been regular in teens for minimum 1 month and maximum 6 months

  • You have complete knowledge on channel rules

  • You must not be involved with people who’re already shitlisted or running any shitlisted channels

  • You must not be sitting in any shitlisted channel or involved in contravention channel rules

  • You must know how to give respect

  • You must be mature enough to implement channel rules productively.

  • You must have a comprehension of DALnet services, Basic IRC Commands, Admin commands, IRC Script basic commands and acquaintance of DALnet policies.

  • Your nick should be secured with no password sharing

If you're interested and meet all these requirements then contact administration at bluefire123@hotmail.com including answers to all of the above requirements listed.

Updated on : 26 Nov 2012 05:04:33 PM

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